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Summary of the project

“Dedmorozim” is the initiative of ordinary Permians. Its aim is to fulfil the New Year wishes of orphaned children. Their dreams can be realised quite easily – the kids write a letter to Father Christmas saying what they would like. These letters are collected and published on the internet, at which point anyone can choose one of them and make the dreams they’ve written about become a reality, in so doing becoming a real Father Christmas or Snow Maiden.

This is how the New Year wishes of about 100 children in 2009 and around 250 in 2010 were fulfilled. This year our task is to make the dreams of all the  orphans in the whole Perm region come true. That means 834 children living in 15 children’s homes and about 500 in 10 social rehabilitation centres.

Only we can make their dreams a reality. Everyone is in a position to fulfil the wishes of any of these children, their requests are very modest as they don’t have much to begin with. That said, if we don’t do it no one else will, as they don’t have a mum or dad to do it for them. At least not in the sense that we understand it.

How can you become Father Christmas or Snow Maiden?

1. Make a wish come true.
To do that you need to:
– Choose one or more of the childrens’ letters published on our website
– Inform one of the project coordinators of your choice(s), making sure you include your name and contact details.
– Obtain the present the child has asked for (or you can make it yourself).
– Hand the present over to the project coordinators on the present collection day, the date and location for which will be announced later.

2. Donate money to pay for one of the presents.
– If you want to donate money, contact Nadezhda Li.

3. Other ways of helping out
There are many ways you can become Father Christmas or Snow Maiden aside from donating gifts or money. Our most pressing needs for help are:
– moral support
– spread the word: tell as many people as you can about our project
– groups to organize parties for the children and present the gifts to them in children’s homes and social rehabilitation centres.
– camera and video photographers to capture everything for the project participants
– transport to transfer the presents from the collection point to the storage point, and then onwards to the institutions, many of which are situated a long way from Perm
– premises where the presents can be dropped off and/or stored.

If you want to help out with any of these then please contact the project coordinators.

Contact details
The “Dedmorozim” project website:

Project coordinators:

Dmitry Zhebelev
tel: +7 (342) 271-51-38
icq 358402272

Nadezhda Li
tel: +7 (912) 888-78-11
icq 114814063